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2021 NMSBA Leadership Conference Presentations

Board Supt Roles_NMSBA Leadership Retreat 2021

What is the Role of a School Board 07 08 2021-final-1

2021 Virtual NMSBA School Law Conference Presentations

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Legislative Judicial and Regulatory Updates – final

I. Avoiding Sunburn from Sunshine (laws that is)– IPRA and OMA 2

II. HB128.ethical misconduct changes

III. SLC.The Road to Recovery 2021-2022.B

IV. Public School Finance and Reform in the WAke of Martinez-Yazzie

V. Technology Lessons Learned


VII. NMSBA SLC 2021 – Governmental Conduct Act Final

VIII. SLC.2021.reasonable-accomm-training_B

IX. 210602 Jovanna Archuleta PPT Slide

IX. NM SB LAW Conf_ECH 2021

X. NMSBA SLC 2021-Board & Supt Roles

XI. Title IX Investigations

XII. U.S. Supreme Court cases

XIII Regular and Special Elections

XIII. November 2 2021 Regular Local Election Calendar (21-03-31)

XIV. Navigating the Leave Maze

XV Student Discipline and Student Rights Considerations

XVI. NMSBA SLC 2021-Financial and Audit Oversight (002)

XVII. Who’s on First

XVIII. Within Our Walls

2021 Virtual Board Member Institute

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2021 Regular and Special Elections FINAL 02-12-2021

November 2, 2021 Regular Local Election Calendar (21-02-12)


Coronavirus Relief Legislation and Updates on Litigation.rev. 2-12-21

2020 Virtual School Law Conference Presentation Material (July 10, 2020)

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I. – Title IX 2020 presentation NMSBA 07-19-2020

II. – Legislative Judicial and Regulatory Updates – final


IV. – Preparing to Reopen Your Schools

V. – 2020-7-3 OMA Presentation for Virt. Sch. Law Conf.

Presentation Recordings:

2020 Changes to Title IX

Legislative, Judicial & Regulatory Updates

Distance Learning

Preparing to Reopen Your Schools

OMG! OMA Again

40th Anniversary NMSBA Conference Presentation Material (June 14-15, 2019)

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General Session:

2019NMSBA SLC – Legislative and Judicial update FINAL


I. Good Guys With Guns.Arming School Employees

IV & XV. Title IX Investigations V3

V. 2019 5 school law conference immigration enforcement in border state

VII. Activity Funds

VIII. 2019 School law conference TRANSITIONS final

X. Updates to School Personnel Act. Final

XII. Making the School District Budget Make Sense 2019-06




XVIII. Administration’s Role in Discharge and Termination _ HELP

XX. OMA Don’t Crash Course


XXII. Dealing with Disruption at School Board meetings

XXIII. Whose Meeting is this anyway

XXVI. (MKK and SWM) Sunshine on School Records 5-16

XXV. Board’s Role in Discharges and Terminations-FINAL

2018 NMSBA School Law Conference (June 8-9, 2018)

The following are the topics that were discussed at the 2018 NMSBA School Law Conference. To view or download the presentations, select the presentation below. Please also check our archives.

1 (I) 2018 TA – School Law Conference – NO HANDOUT

2 (II) NM School Security

3-III-Interacting-with-Law-Enforcement-Prezi-Finalng with Law Enforcement Prezi Final

4 (IV) Sexual Harassment – Best Practices to Deal with Allegations and Avoid Claims

4 (IV) Sexual Harassment – Handout

5 (V) Bullying & Cyberbullying

6 (VI) Responding to High Profile Incident

7 (VII) Hazing

8 (VIII) Why is the Tail Wagging the Dog? (Part 1) – NO HANDOUT

10 (X) Doing Discipline Right Top 10 Pitfalls in Student Discipline

11 (XI) Arming Employees

12 (XII) Immigration Law Update-Fear and Loathing in the Borderlands

13 (XIII) Disciplining School Employees

14 (XIV) Board Empowerment

15 (XV) Sunshine on School Records.ppx

16 (XVI) Contracting for SROs

17 (XVII) Out with the Old

DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY (Board Membership 2020 (F))

July 1, 2019 Special Local Election Calendar(F)

November 5, 2019 Election Calendar (F)

18 (XVIII) Johnson-O’Malley

19 (XIX) OMA – Why We Keep Repeating This Topic

20 (XX) Collective Bargaining & the Response to School Violence

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